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2006 to 2010

Season List

  2006  The Edges of Rome


Titus Andronicus

Antony & Cleopatra

Under the Black Flag by Simon Bent

The Comedy of Errors

In Extremis by Howard Brenton

  2007  Renaissance + Revolution


The Merchant of Venice

Love's Labour's Lost

Holding Fire! by Jack Shepherd

We, The People

In Extremis by Howard Brenton

  2008  Totus Mundus

King Lear

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Merry Wives of Windsor

The Frontline by Ché Walker

Timon of Athens

Liberty by Glyn Maxwell

  2009  Young Hearts

Romeo & Juliet

The Frontline by Ché Walker

As You Like It

Troilus & Cressida

Helen by Euripedes/Frank McGuinness

A New World by Trevor Griffiths

Love's Labour's Lost

  2010  Rogues and Villains


Henry VIII

Henry IV Part 1

Henry IV Part 2

Anne Boleyn  by Howard Brenton

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Bedlam  by Nell Leyshon

Other Season Lists

1997 - 2001  Rylance part 1

2002 - 2005  Rylance part 2

2006 - 2010  Dromgoole part 1

2011 - 2015  Dromgoole part 2

2016 onwards  Emma Rice so far



Original Globe

In 1598 Shakespeare's acting company carried the timbers from the dismantled Theatre across the Thames to Bankside. There they used the timbers as the frame of their new playhouse they called the Globe. In 1613 it burnt down but they again rebuilt it. For more details click on the link.

What we believe the original Globe looked like

In 1989 the Museum of London excavated a small section of the Globe's foundations. Here's what they found.

The Globe's great rival playhouse, its star Edward Alleyn and owner Philip Henslowe

New Globe

The American actor Sam Wanamaker worked hard for decades to make the new Globe a reality, but he didn't live to see it built. Here's the story of how the new Shakespeare's Globe came to be built on London's Bankside in the 1990's

A list of links to details and my reviews of every season since 1997 at Shakespeare's Globe

Recommended Books

My list of recommended books about the Globe, the Rose and other playhouses of the time may be found in the Globe Playhouse section of the Well Furlong Book Shop . If you so wish, you may go on to buy many of the volumes in our Book Shop directly from or