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Shakespeare's Globe

2010 Season

Kings and Rogues



This year's season is called "Kings and Rogues"

The season's productions are:-


The first production this summer was Macbeth. The infamous thane was played by Elliot Cowan who won plaudits for 'A Streetcar Named Desire' in the West End last year.

The production opened on 23rd April and ran until 27th June.


Henry VIII

Written in collaboration with Fletcher, this was the play that closed the first Globe when it burned down during a performance in 1613.

This production ran at the Globe from 15th May to 21st August.


Henry IV Part 1

Roger Allam put on the padding for Falstaff in this and the following history.   His performance was much acclaimed and nominated for several awards.

The production ran from 6th June to 2nd October.


Henry IV Part 2

The Falstaffian saga continued with Roger Allam starring again.

It ran from 3rd July to 3rd October.


Anne Boleyn

Howard Brenton wrote this celebration of '... a great English heroine' complementing a very different Anne in Henry VIII.  Miranda Raison who appeared in BBC TV's Spooks for a number of years played both personifications this year at the Globe.

It ran from 24th July to 21st August.


The Merry Wives of Windsor


The 2008 production which had been touring the country returned to the Globe.  The fat knight was played by Christopher Benjamin here.  Christopher Luscombe's production was one of the most popular productions presented at the Globe.

The production ran from 14th August to 2nd October.



The final production of the season was a new play written by Nell Leyshon, who won the Evening Standard award for most promising playwright in 2005.  It was set in the Bethlehem hospital for the insane in 18th century London.  It was the first play at the Globe (old or new!) by a female playwright.  It had a short run from 5th September to 1st October.




Original Globe

  The story of how the original Globe came to be built
  The building - a plan and what the Globe may have looked like
  The excavation - what was discovered in 1989
  The Rose - The Globe´s great rival playhouse, its star Edward Alleyn and owner Philip Henslowe

Shakespeare's Globe

  The story of how the new Shakespeare´s Globe came to be built on London´s Bankside in the 1990s.
  Mike's Views and Reviews of productions in previous years at Shakespeare's Globe.

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  My list of recommended books about the Globe, Rose and other playhouses of the time may be found in the Globe Playhouse section of the Well Furlong Book Shop. If you so wish, you may go on to buy many of the volumes in our Book Shop directly from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

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