Shakespeare's Family Tree

Portrait image of William Shakespeare


Below is William Shakespeare's family tree. You may view an enlarged version or download a PDF version. NB some browsers won't let you; sorry.


Image showing the family tree



A brief history of the Bard's life.

Shakespeare was part of a large family in Stratford and fathered three children. Click here to see the family tree.

I have no problem reconciling the image of the man we know as Will Shakespeare, and the works that bear his name, but some people do, and the authorship debate continues. The movie Anonymous has opened up the argument to a wider audience.

A list of all the plays, including the doubtful ones, in probable order of first performance.

Drawings and information about the playhouse where Shakespeare's plays were produced in his lifetime, and information and pictures of the new reconstructed Shakespeare's Globe on London's Bankside


British library extensive site dedicated to Shakespeare. It is a rich source of digitised documents of the time, as well as analysis of the man and his works.

Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust's site.