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Walter Richard Sickert


He learnt to draw rapidly, capturing the moment on small panels. He then transferred these studies on to a larger canvas in the studio. The drawing was squared-up for enlargement. The subject was then blocked in with three tones of ultramarine and indian red. The three values were mixed up for light, half tone and shadows. Sickert disliked oil paint applied thickly. He found a method whereby he used undiluted paint scrubbed into the bone-dry canvas; this had the effect of a grisaille painting.

Sickert used photography in his paintings. There is a photograph of Sickert used as the basis for the painting "Lazarus breaks his Fast" in the book "Sickert Paintings" and several other photographs to substantiate this. But Sickert believed that 'photography is like alcohol; no one should use it unless they can do without it'. During the early 1900s when Sickert was painting constantly he didnít use photography. Only when his powers were failing in old age.

In 1922 Sickert painted exclusively from photographs. He used a camera lucida {literally light-room}which had twelve different lenses.




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  A group of works by W R Sickert at the Sands Gallery.
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University of Reading
  Sickert received an honorary D.Litt in March 1938 from the University of Reading.
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